About PPEP Tec High School

Since our inception in 1995 as one of Arizona’s first charter schools, the mission of PPEP TEC High School (PTHS) has been to provide educational services to students. PTHS provides an educational program and curriculum that is aligned with the Arizona Academic Standards to meet the unique learning needs of our students. Career and Technology Education courses are designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to prepare our graduates to enroll in post-secondary institutions or to obtain employment following graduation.

PPEP TEC High School offers a wide variety after school activities. Some of the exciting activities offered to students at select campuses include: Prom, Student Council, Yearbook, Gardening, Service Learning, Basketball, Soccer, Girl Scouts Youth Leadership, LULAC, and various other clubs. In addition, various volunteer opportunities are held throughout the year to involve our students in their communities and to earn valuable experience to add to their resume.

Our Mission

Our current Mission Statement is to “provide quality educational services for students ages fourteen through twenty-one, in grades nine through twelve, who are at risk of becoming permanent dropouts from the educational system.”
Our staff is committed to providing our students with the help and support they need not only for their high school experience, but for post-secondary education and/or entering the work force after graduation.

Our History

PPEP, Inc. was founded by Dr. John David Arnold aboard a 1957 Chevy bus named “La Tortuga (tortoise)” with a $19,000 grant from the Tucson Committee for Economic Opportunity on August 24, 1967. ​ Four decades later PPEP remains dedicated to carrying out the dreams of its first Bracero migrant farm workers students for a better way of life.