slide-gl1In recent years, typical classroom-based education has changed to include distance learning, usually taught through online courses. However, many students may not do well with strictly online or classroom learning. For those students, many charter schools and universities have introduced blended learning courses. These courses combine physical classroom attendance with online coursework. Many instructors and students appreciate this approach to classwork and learning for various reasons.

Greater Convenience

Blended learning courses combine the best of both classroom and online learning methods. Students receive the benefits of meeting their teachers on a regular basis, but they have the convenience of doing their online coursework at a pace that might be easier for them. These courses also give students greater access to various technologies and skills, such as computer programs and online researching skills.

Increased Discipline

Many students find a strictly online class can be difficult, due to the requirement of self-discipline and motivation. With blended learning courses, students still meet in a physical classroom. However, as the class progresses, students can develop and strengthen their self-discipline through the online section of the blended learning program.

Added Savings

Charter schools and students both save when it comes to blended learning courses. The schools typically do not provide the technology—saving on high electronics costs—and they may not need to heat or cool classrooms as often. Students will have to provide their own computers and internet connection, but they can save a significant amount on gas and vehicle upkeep by working from home or a nearby library. In the end, everyone comes out a winner with blended learning courses.

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