Arizona high school activities made possible through tax creditsWith new technology, students have found more convenience with online learning. How does it compare to classroom learning, though? Here is a brief look at how classroom and online learning compare at various colleges and charter schools.

Classroom Pros

For students who need physical interactions with their teachers and peers, classroom learning is ideal. With the various means to process the course information—discussions, presentations, hands-on activities, etc.—students have greater resources to fully comprehend the coursework. Students can also use these classes to form their professional and personal network for future career opportunities.

Classroom Cons

Classroom learning is typically held on specific days and times of the week; for some students, this may be too rigid of a schedule. They must be present at most or all classes to gain credit, and they may have difficulty catching up with the class if they miss a day. Some students may also find their peers more distracting than helpful, as well.

Online Pros

The biggest advantage to online classes is the convenience of being able to learn at your own pace. Many online classes use a flexible schedule, so students can study and submit the course material at their leisure. They also have the opportunity to save gas and learn from any distance, as long as they have an internet connection.

Online Cons

If a student lacks motivation or self-discipline, then he may find online classes a challenge. Though online classes offer the convenience of distance learning, students must have sufficient time management skills. Online classes may have flexible scheduling, but there are still schedules to follow. Students may also find the lack of teacher and peer interaction difficult when understanding the course material.

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