264469_360209524078973_356551856_nEarning a high school diploma is the first step toward a bright future; however, there are several options available when it comes to selecting a high school for enrollment. Public schools, private schools, and charter schools each offer a different path toward higher education; keep reading to learn more about the differences among these types of schools and how to select the educational environment that is best for your child.

Public Schools

Public high schools receive funding from local, state, and federal taxes. These schools provide a high school education at no cost to parents, and cannot discriminate against students for any reason, including race, gender, or ability. The education a child receives in a public school reflects the current standards and requirements set forth by the state; these schools also follow state guidelines on the evaluation of student performance.

Private Schools

Private schools are not funded by taxes; instead, they are funded through student tuition. Rather than offering open enrollment, private high schools require families to fill out an application before students are admitted, and spaces are often limited. Because private schools are not publicly funded, they can maintain their own curricula and academic standards, allowing them to choose both the educational path they provide and the type of students they choose to admit. Private schools often maintain accreditation, which proves that their educational program is regularly reviewed and meets regional or national standards.

Charter Schools

Charter schools bridge the gap between public and private schools. These schools are both funded by and accountable to district, county, or state governments, and thus do not require tuition to attend. However, charter schools still require an application for admission and may have limited spaces for new students. Although they are still accountable to government standards, charter schools are independently run and thus have more freedom to develop a more specialized curriculum.

PPEP Tec is a charter school proudly serving high school students in the Tucson area; you can find out more about our school, our curriculum, and our goals online or by calling (520) 836-6549.

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