941958_360209660745626_641399817_nYour education is important in helping you become a more well-rounded person, and essential for your future professional career path. When you have a solid educational foundation, you will have more job opportunities open to you that you may find both personally and professionally rewarding. A charter school is an excellent place to help you succeed, especially when there is a low student-to-teacher ratio. When you have more personalized attention from your teachers, you’ll be able to get the most out of your education. Keep reading to learn more about why a low student-to-teacher ratio is important.

Personalized Attention

In many schools across the country, class sizes are growing. There are more and more students in every classroom, but the number of teachers remains the same. This makes it easier for some students to fall through the cracks and not get the individualized attention they need to succeed academically. When there is a lower student-to-teacher ratio, students will receive more attention from their teachers. Teachers themselves have more manageable workloads as they have fewer students to keep track of, which in turn translates into them having more time to spend one-on-one with students. More time can be spent on instruction rather than managing a classroom or discipline.


When there are a lot of students in a classroom, it becomes easier for those who are quiet or even unprepared to get by without notice. However, with a lower student-to-teacher ratio, more students will be encouraged to participate, and those who are shy may be more comfortable doing so. A higher level of engagement in the lesson can lead to a greater understanding of the material, and that means improved grades and more academic success.

At PPEP Tec High School, we are dedicated to helping our students succeed academically and beyond. We offer a low student-to-teacher ratio for a better experience for students as well as instructors. Contact us at (520) 836-6549 to learn more about achieving your goals at our charter school.