178454814 copyOrganization is an important skill that will serve you during your high school years and throughout the rest of your life. Staying organized will prevent you from forgetting or rushing through assignments and help you make the most of both your time spent in class and your personal free time. Keep reading for a few great tips you can use to stay organized this school year.

Maintain a Schedule

One of the first steps in organizing your time in and out of high school is to develop and maintain a schedule that allows you both free time and time to focus on your studies. Using a traditional planner or investing in a planning program can help you block out each week so you’re sure to have enough time for every activity. Make sure to schedule downtime to relax and plenty of time for sleep, which will keep you both mentally and physically refreshed.

List Your Supplies

In addition to listing the times and dates of your classes, activities, and projects, consider using your planner to also list the supplies you’ll need for each activity. Keeping a list of necessary books and other supplies will mean you arrive at each class or activity not only on time, but also prepared with the tools you need to focus on the task at hand.

Color Code Folders and Notes

Color is a fast and easy way to separate the supplies and documents you need for various activities. Using a differently-colored folder for each class can prevent mix-ups so you’ll never need to go digging through your folders or backpack for notes, homework, or other forms. You can take this organizational tool one step farther by using matching notebooks or binders for each subject as well.

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