IMG_2533Math is a universally-important subject that plays a vital role in many areas of study and even in your daily life. Finding ways to get more from your math class will not only keep you engaged in your studies, but also help you prepare for your continuing high school education and your future career.

Join a Math-Related Club

After-school clubs that utilize math are a great way to sharpen your math skills while enjoying time spent with friends. Clubs that focus on engineering, drafting, programming, and even scholastic quizzing are all excellent options when it comes to finding an extracurricular activity that will make math more exciting and fun. If you aren’t sure which type of club to join, talk to your friends or your math teacher for ideas; don’t be afraid to try out a few clubs until you find one that fits.

Watch Some Math Videos

The internet is full of interesting and unique video content that may change the way you see math. Googling or searching sites such as YouTube are simple ways to find videos that can reinforce your lessons and even teach you alternate tricks and techniques for many math concepts and skills. If you find videos you like, you may want to consider sharing them with your friends and your class.

Try a Math App

There are numerous fun math apps available for your phone, tablet, or computer that can turn math skills into a game. Using these apps is a great way to study for exams or keep your skills sharp over the summer. You and your friends can each download the app and challenge each other for high scores, keeping each other accountable for your progress through the game.

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