Charter school student playing sportsExtracurricular activities are important to students for a number of reasons beyond having something to put on a college application. When it comes to school sports, there are a wide range of benefits to consider for your child. Students who are part of school sports programs are more active and physically fit, and they also gain a sense of pride in their school that might later be reflected through an improved academic performance. In addition to the immediate benefits of participation in school sports activities, students might enjoy some lifelong perks from this type of recreation.

Higher confidence

Students who are part of a sports team in school tend to have higher confidence and self-respect. These traits can be attributed to the successes students might have on the field, or they may come from the strong friendships that arise among teammates. The confidence gained from being part of a team does not fade away after high school, as managers and other professionals in leadership roles tend to have a history as student athletes.

Team mentality

Being able to work with others is a valuable skill in both professional and social environments. On a sports team, students will gain a team mentality and learn to value working together to achieve a common goal.

Improved focus

As a student athlete, your child may have better focus in the classroom, since good grades are necessary to be an active part of the team. Students also tend to steer clear of negative habits like drug and alcohol use when they are dedicated to their athletic activities.

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