187484684 copyStudents learn many important lessons inside of the classroom, but this is not the only element of school that can help students succeed! Your child can gain beneficial skills and learn how to work with his peers by joining student council. Joining student council can help your child learn:

How the Government Works

As children get older, it’s important for them to start learning about government processes so they will be ready to handle the responsibilities of becoming registered voters. When charter school students join student council, they will have an insider’s view at government processes. This can help students gain a better understanding of the United States government. Joining student council can also motivate students to become more politically active in their futures.  

How to Speak in Public

Public speaking is an essential skill for students to learn because they will need to speak publically in school and potentially in their future careers. Student council provides charter school students with many different opportunities that allow them to practice public speaking and learn how to become more comfortable in front of an audience.

How to Stay Organized

For some students, staying organized can be difficult or seem unimportant. By joining student council, students will be able to understand how important organization is to both their academic and personal lives. When students join student council, they become a part of a group that must hold itself accountable. This can provide motivation to help students stay organized both at school and at home.

How to Work with Others

Learning how to work well with others provides many benefits both personally and professionally. Students who join student council must learn how to work with their fellow members, providing valuable experience learning how to compromise. This experience can help students in future academic endeavors as well as future career opportunities.

Your child can gain these benefits and more by enrolling at PPEP Tec High School. Give us a call at (520) 836-6549 to learn about our alternative school and how it can help students who are interested in earning a high school diploma.