427906_354075251359067_887239029_nWhile classroom learning is an important part of earning a high school diploma, after-school activities offer many benefits for your child as well. Adding after-school activities gives your child valuable social experiences today, while also improving his application status when he applies to college in the future. PPEP Tec is pleased to offer a wide variety of after-school activity programs and volunteer opportunities at our charter schools in Arizona.


Sports are a popular and beneficial after-school activity that many students enjoy. Participation in sports teaches many valuable lessons, including the benefits of teamwork and setting personal goals. Sports also offer your child a structured way to engage in physical activity, which provides both physical and mental benefits such as greater mental focus, higher-quality sleep, a lower risk of weight gain, and a healthier cardiovascular system. PPEP Tec’s after-school sports programs include football, basketball, track and field, gymnastics, baseball, fencing, and swimming.

Student Council

Participation in PPEP Tec Student Council offers your child amazing social and academic opportunities that will benefit him for a lifetime. Student council responsibilities include fundraising, event organization, and community involvement, which all help to teach your child about the value of investing his time and effort in his local and global community. Students who participate in student council activities also learn qualities such as leadership, organization, and networking.


PPEP Tec’s yearbook offers a great way for your child to give back to his class today, while creating memories that will last well into the future. Students that take part in yearbook activities get the opportunity to exercise their creativity through writing, editing, and design, while also getting a firsthand look at their school community by participating in interviews and recording information for yearbook coverage.

At PPEP Tec, we understand the value of providing students with a well-rounded educational experience. You can find out more about our dual enrollment courses, after-school activities, and more when you visit our charter schools online or call us at (520) 836-6549.