178454814 copyThe influence of technology continues to increase in our society, and it is currently making its way into classrooms. Charter schools are now offering alternative paths with more favorable student to teacher ratios. Keep reading if you are interested in gaining a better understanding of blended learning.


While there is no fear of technology replacing teachers yet, modern instructors are starting to integrate technology into the classroom environment. This provides students with an enhanced learning experience that they have more control over, allowing them to learn at their own personal pace. Students who tend to lag behind will catch up on their own time, and those who are typically ahead of the course will not need to wait in boredom. Teachers will still design the curriculum using this technology, so their influences are not eliminated from the classroom. Both new and veteran teachers have been able to use this model successfully.


Blended learning is a new concept, and a substantial change to the traditional model. Many people tend to be wary of sudden or substantial changes, and others resist it entirely. It helps to have some patience when rolling out your blended learning curriculum. Try not to worry if everything does not go perfectly during your first attempt, as the mistakes you make can turn into a beneficial learning experience. If you are not as tech-savvy as the average person, you can even have your students help you.


Even the most substantial change can be manageable as long as you take things step by step. You do not necessarily have to dive in at once; consider slowly and steadily integrating blended learning into the classroom. Check in with your students periodically to make sure everyone understands the process, and take their opinions seriously.

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