187484684 copy2In the typical public school environment, students will be in classes that range from 25-30 students, which can create a hectic learning atmosphere that lacks individual attention for each student. By choosing an alternative education option like PPEP TEC High School, you can give your student the opportunity to excel and meet his or her full potential in smaller classes that utilize a wider range of teaching styles to cater to the differing needs of a diverse student population. Keep reading to learn more about why low student-teacher ratios are such an important factor for high school students.

Individualized student attention

Large classrooms leave few options beyond a “teach-to-the-middle” approach in which gifted students and struggling students alike are not given the attention they need to thrive. Students who may need a little extra time on a given subject will have the opportunity to ask more questions and seek outside help with a smaller class size, since the teacher will have more time to dedicate to each student. Alternatively, gifted students who may need an accelerated curriculum to stay engaged and excited in the classroom are more likely to have the more intensive schedule they need in a smaller classroom.

Higher student accountability

Not only are teachers given more time to spend with each student when classes are kept to smaller groups of 12-15 students, but students are able to take on more responsibilities and achieve a higher level of personal growth in the academic environment. Small classes are ideal for group discussions and projects that offer more challenges for students to tackle.

Minimal achievement gap

With the combined effects of individualized attention and greater student responsibility, there is typically a much lower achievement gap seen among minority and non-minority students in schools with small class sizes. Test scores among all students are generally higher, and there is greater preparedness among students for the rigorous college environment.

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