slide-gl1In the digital age, there has been an influx of online coursework made available at the high school and college level. While these courses may offer a level on convenience, they can be problematic, because they lack some of the distinctive advantages that classroom learning has to offer. This article will take a closer look at why your high school student may be best off in a classroom setting rather than completing coursework through online programs.

Hands-on learning experiences

Whether it is through classroom-based discussions or scientific experiments, physical classrooms are able to offer more methods of interaction than online classrooms can provide. With more ways to interact with new subject matter, students may have a deeper understanding of the curriculum with longer-lasting retention of the material. Plus, there is a social component to classroom learning that is compromised with online coursework.

Accurate student assessments

While online courses may still require that students take tests and write essays, there is a dramatic reduction in the level of student assessment that can take place. When teachers are not able to see how students work on a daily basis, they will not be able to gauge as accurately whether a student is fully understanding the material. Teachers in the classroom might be able to offer extra assistance or utilize a different approach to teaching a given subject, while teachers managing online courses will not have the same opportunities.

Favorable academic resumes

Employers and higher education institutions tend to prefer applicants who have more traditional coursework over those who have an extensive background of online classes. Because learning in person in the classroom offers a more in-depth perspective on any given curriculum, admissions officers and employers tend to view this experience more favorably.

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