Gradpic2As the job market for STEM careers continues to grow, high school graduates remain critically unprepared for the pursuit of degrees in the field of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. There is a particularly large gap in the number of STEM careers available and women educated to take on those careers, and this is attributable to a bias in science and math education early on in middle and high school. To provide more opportunities for young women interested in science and technology, ASU has partnered with regional high schools in the Phoenix area to offer the CompuGirls Program. This program is comprised of after-school, summer, and year-round coursework that provides access to digital media, game development, and other virtual technologies for girls interested in pursuing these career fields later in life.

Program availability

CompuGirls is open to girls from grades 8-12 in under-resourced school districts throughout the greater Phoenix area. The program is supported by grants from the National Science Foundation, and it is based in the School of Social Transformation at Arizona State University in Tempe.

Goals and objectives

With CompuGirls, young women will learn to use a wide range of multimedia tools to encourage critical and computational thinking. The program is designed to harbor a fun and dynamic learning environment where the most up-to-date and culturally relevant technologies are emphasized.

Sample projects

Girls may work on a wide variety of projects in the program. Just a handful of the projects featured in recent classes include documentary filmmaking, digital media production, podcasting with Garageband, virtual world creation, and game design with Scratch.

At PPEP Tec High School, students are encouraged to use technology in and out of the classroom to prepare for real-world challenges and college level expectations. Students of our Southern Arizona campuses may also be eligible for CompuGirls, which will further boost technological skills. To contact us for enrollment information, call (520) 836-6549.