264469_360209524078973_356551856_nIn the traditional high school environment, there are limited tracks for students to take, meaning that advanced learners may be stuck in high school level courses when they are actually ready to take on the more challenging curriculum of college classes. While many schools offer AP courses that can lead to college credit with the right test scores, few are able to personalize student experiences with dual-enrollment programs that let students study higher level content while earning college credit along the way. At PPEP Tec High School, students are given the opportunity to begin college level courses in their high school careers, which offers a number of distinctive benefits.

Financial savings

When a student begins freshmen year of college with a semester’s worth of credit under his or her belt, fewer credits are needed to earn a degree. With tuition rates continuing to rise across the nation and student debt at an all-time high, this type of head start can be incredibly valuable for students in all walks of life.

Advanced curriculum

If a student is ready to take on greater academic challenges in high school, he or she should not be held back from taking on college-level coursework. This will prevent boredom in the classroom while providing a more comfortable introduction to the expectations of the typical college classroom.

Higher success in college

Having college coursework on your resume is not only helpful for college admissions, but it can encourage greater success once school starts. College-level courses taken in high school can satisfy gen-ed requirements, allowing students to dive into degree-relevant courses sooner. Plus, students will already have a good idea of the time and dedication needed to maintain a high GPA in college.

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